Giving Power Back To The People – End Citizens United

During the 2010 court case between F.E.C and Citizens United, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United thus allowing corporate America to fund campaigns of their choice. Although the court’s decision does not allow politicians to receive funds directly, the companies can spend money in paying for advertisements and even spread malicious content against a candidate that they don’t like. Thus companies can control the United States election.

What’s devastating is that all these funds are sent unanimously, so the country has no idea who is sponsoring the Citizens United forums. A new group of change makers came together in early 2015 to form End Citizens United (ECU), a Political Action Committee (PAC). ECU headquarters is based in Washington DC.

ECU mission is to endorse candidates who want to introduce reforms in the political arenas in the United States. These reforms will bring transparency and accountability among politicians. It also seeks to raise awareness of the effects of lack of transparency in politics. ECU also collaborates with activists within the country who are on the same mission of ending corruption in the country. ECU shames Republican politicians who are benefiting through giving contracts to corporations by rigging the system. Their acts are posted under the thread “Big Money 20” and go into details how these politicians have benefited from rogue deals.

The Executive Director and President of ECU are Tiffany Muller, an ambitious leader who is as transparent as anyone can be. While working at Topeka City Council in Kansas, she was among the first public officers who were openly gay. She was among the team at Victory Fund that put the first LGBT senator in office. This was a groundbreaking record that set the foundation for acceptance of gays in the country. Muller is a degree graduate from the University of Topeka and Master’s graduate of the University of Maryland.

End Citizens United is supported by grassroots donors who are located in any part of the country. The donors consist mainly of individuals who are tired of wealthy corporations using their power and money to influence US elections. Through Muller’s leadership, ECU grassroots member grew to more than three million. She campaigned for funding during the company’s cycle and raised twenty-five million dollars. In December 2017 End Citizens United announced its plans to raise $35 million to increase its ability to endorse more candidates for the midterm elections scheduled towards the end of 2018.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Senator Cory Booker are among the latest senators endorsed by ECU. Gillibrand announced her position to stop receiving funds from corporations on January 2018. She posted a video on Twitter of the same. Gillibrand is a reformer from way back when she worked under the Lincoln administration. She is also among the leaders fighting for transparency in political campaign expenditures. Tiffany Muller welcomed the new candidates in ECU and hopes to work together to streamline the election system in the US and put the power back to the grassroots where it originally belongs.

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Securus Technologies Makes Aggressive Business Move

Securus Technologies is a national leader in the field of criminal technology. The company provides a great deal of experience to its clients and is in support of services such as investigation, public safety and modern communications to corrections facilities. Securus is based in Dallas and is continuing to make moves to solidify its position as the number one service provider in criminal technology.


Securus Technologies has its foundation in prison technologies throughout the United States. It began operating in 1986 and has offices in Atlanta Georgia along with its Texas location. There are more than 2,600 contracts under the management of the Securus Technologies team. The organization has up to 1,000 employees working on services for a variety of clients. Securus is built to grow and adjust to the changes in the market. It is paving the way for other organizations in the field.


GovPayNet was acquired by Securus Technologies to broaden the company’s range within the criminal technology industry. GovPayNet is a well-established organization. It specializes in payment services to government agencies. GovPayNet provides the ability to pay fines issued by the court, speeding tickets, parking violations and real estate property tax. It is currently operating with 2,300 agencies in 35 States. GovPayNet has a broad operating base that covers 26% of all US counties.


JPay was acquired by Securus Technologies as the company continues to push forward. JPay increases the ability to provide clients with every necessary aspect of running their operations. It is a strong organization that offers electronic payments, emails and entertainment to correctional facilities. JPay is currently operating in 33 States throughout the country. The JPay business model will add to the bottom line services that Securus already provides to correctional facilities and law enforcement bureaus.


Securus Technologies is expecting the acquisitions of GovPayNet and JPay to open up its market share within criminal technology. Both of these companies will continue to operate as subsidiary brands. However, they will benefit greatly from the resources that come with being affiliated with a large company such as Securus Technologies.

Bruno Fagali

In profession, Bruno Fagali is a lawyer. He took his degree studies from Pontifical Catholic university in 2009. He studied administrative law from the university of Sao Paulo. Additionally, he earned his master’s degree from the same college. He is very fluent in both Spanish and English languages. In his career, he has always kept his head high. Bruno Fagali is known to present his clients efficiently.

Bruno’s field of specialization
Bruno Fagali resides in Brazil, from where he offers relevant advice to his clients on many legal issues and accepts cases from all places. He is a specialist in administrative law, public law, ethics, compliance, and regulatory law. In the public sector, he is involved in procurement procedures. He is a corporate manager in his office in Sao Paulo.

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Why is Bruno Fagali outstanding?
He is a self-driven lawyer with inner passion and motivation. He is known to be excellent when presenting cases in courtroom. He has knowledge of the law and experience in legal matters. In courtroom, he works together with his client to come up with a concrete solution to the situation and offer comprehensive consultations. Clients rely on him to represent them in disputed cases, negation, advising client, and statutory mandates. He plays the role of creating corporate integrity since he has a position at CIM advertising agency.

Bruno Fagali fights against corruption
His practice was formed to deal with anti-corruption, electoral and public. In 2013, advertising agencies practiced corruption which led to formation of regulatory reforms. Bruno Fagali came up with anticorruption movement, many organizations complied with it. Consequently, this made the government give the advertising agency contracts due to its excellent portfolio. He has a reputation for delivering reliable results.

Blogs on Bruno Fagali
Bloggers state that for the second year, Bruno Fagali is winning the pro ethics label.

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Jeunesse Global’s Instantly Ageless Review

Instantly Ageless is Jeunesse Global‘s answer for a skin-care cream product that can be applied to any part of the skin that seems to be sagging or otherwise showing any signs of aging at all. It is something that a lot of people tend to worry about from time to time. Thus, it is always nice to have some kind of answer to this problem when you most need it. For a lot of people, that answer comes in the form of Instantly Ageless.

This is a product of the wildly successful company called Jeunesse Global. They create, distribute, and market anti-aging products of all varieties. This is exactly the kind of product that you might expect this company to produce. It fits in perfectly with the rest of their offerings.

The quality that you get with Instantly Ageless is second to none. It works by essentially freezing up the muscles in the area that it is applied temporarily. While they hold that pose, the person who has used the product can get through whatever event it is that they need to. In other words, it can last for six to nine hours to help them get past whatever it is that they have to.

Quite often people use this to help themselves feel comfortable while they are out at things like weddings or important business meetings. No matter when it is that they need to look good, the importance of having the ability to do so in a hurry is a very big deal indeed.

Jeunesse Global distributes its products through a global distributor network. Although the company only got its start in 2009, it now operates on all six continents. This means that you probably know someone who distributes these products, you may just not realize that you know them. Start asking around and see who can help you get in your hands the Jeunesse Global products that you require to start looking and feeling your very best.

You have to try out something like this for yourself to really see the impact of it in person. As soon as you apply it, it starts to work. That is the beauty of something like this.

What Helped Daniel Taub Make His Decision to Leave for Israel

When Daniel Taub made the decision to leave the home that had been his for years and leave the ambassador position that he thrived in, he knew it would be a move that would allow him to really branch out and expand on the things he could do to help people who were a part of the Jewish community. Daniel Taub knew there were many different things that people would benefit from when he was in Israel and most of the benefits were exactly what his family needed. Daniel Taub tried to always give them the best opportunities possible and make sure they were experiencing the culture the way he truly wanted it to be.


For Daniel Taub, this meant he would have to do what he could to teach his family about their ancestral heritage. He can use Israel as a way to show them where they come from and what they had to go through to get to where they are now ( Daniel Taub knew this would be something that would give him the options he needed to truly focus on how he was helping them and what he could do to bring attention to the issues he had while he was working as an ambassador.


The idea that Daniel Taub had about what he could do to help these people gave him the opportunity to keep helping others and to move forward with his life. While the ambassador position was perfect, Daniel Taub did not see himself staying in Britain for the rest of his life. He wanted to explore and see the world while he was also doing other things to help himself through the issues that were going on in the world around him. Daniel Taub wanted to do his best so he could try more opportunities on his own.


As long as Daniel Taub was working, he was learning things. There were many life lessons he could take away from his job as an ambassador. In fact, he enjoys sharing the life lessons so people can use them on their own. Part of what has made Daniel Taub so successful is the fact he is not afraid to share about the things he has done or the things he has learned while he is in the position he’s in. It has helped him make sure he can help people in other ways through his advice.



Fabletics: Enabling Customers to Leave a Review

Fabletics is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. The online retail company was co-founded by Kate Hudson, and since its establishment in 2013, Fabletics managed to transform into a million dollar business, being able to rake in around $250 million in revenue. The company is still considered to be in its startup phase, but it is already facing head-on with giants like Amazon, which currently controls more than 20% of the online retail industry. Fabletics is selling stylish and athletic garments targeted to women of all ages and sizes, and they are the only online retail company which requires their customers to become members in order to make a purchase. Fabletics is operating their online store through their website, and they also have physical stores which are starting to pop up in key American cities.


One of the reasons why Fabletics keeps on growing is because of how it presents itself to the customers. They enabled a feature in their website which allows their customers to leave a review or any comment describing how their transaction went. Their physical stores also encourage their customers to leave a review about their experience with Fabletics. This strategy developed after the company decided to conduct a study focusing on how reviews posted online would affect their business. According to the research, it was revealed that if a product or a company has too much negative reviews, people will try to stay away from them and they would never buy the product. It was also revealed in the study that people trusts the opinions of others online, treating them as a testament coming from a close friend or family member. It is very important for businesses to monitor the reviews about them online because it will spell their success or imminent doom. After Fabletics found out the result of the study, they focused on building a positive reputation online so that they can gather more customers. This approach of using the public’s opinion about the company or a product is called the power of the crowd. This power influences the people on their decision regarding a product, and it can be used by businesses to their advantage if they worked hard on getting good reviews.


Fabletics encourages their customers to become honest and share how their experience shopping with Fabletics went. If the customer has any unpleasant experiences with the company, Fabletics will do everything that they can to compensate for the customer’s bad experience, offering discounts and other freebies. This gesture coming from the company’s management creates a positive reputation for Fabletics, and it resulted to the number of their members and customers to spike. Fabletics explained that the recent spike in the number of their customers is because of the effective method that they are implementing, which is the power of the crowd. According to them, new customers who shopped at Fabletics would share their experiences with close friends and family members, and due to word of mouth advertising, more people are coming into their website and their physical stores to shop.

Dr. David Samadi Professionalism In Oncology Treatment

Dr. David Samadi is well known for his excellent medical work in dealing with Oncology. He has vast experience and knowledge in dealing with prostate cancer as well as other oncology diseases. Apart from being an Oncology Medic, he has taken media as a tool to Champion the deadly Cancer Disease.

Dr. David Samadi strategized in scrutinizing and diagnosing the early stages of the cancer disease before exposing the patient to therapies. However, in his line of duty, he has worked with other champions of cancer diseases. Samadi has worked with Dr. Cynara who is the guru in breast cancer.

Therefore, October being the Month of Cancer Awareness, Dr. David Samadi saw the need of interviewing Dr. Cynara on The duo worked together at Lenox Hill Hospital. She was the pioneer of Comprehensive Breast Center in Staten Island. Additionally, Dr. Cynara record of work at Mt Sinai Medical Center has proven her credibility in her work. She has researched in advanced medical approaches as a breast surgeon that are in use worldwide. This makes Dr. Cynara fit for the show to provide all kind of insights and education based on cancer topics and emerging issues in health care.

They are in the race to ensure world receive information to better the health practices and ways to curb cancer diseases. Dr. David Samadi believes that proper education will help in early screening which yields faster treatments and cure after therapies being imposed to patients. The two cancer experts have an excellent reputation which makes them famous globally. Therefore, they will be largely followed as they create awareness on both breast and prostate cancer.

Dr. David Samadi currently serves as the Urology and Robotic Surgery head at Lenox Hill Hospital. He pursued Laparoscopic and surgery earning him certification in Urologic Oncologist. He dwells much in prostate cancer and creating awareness to the oncology disease.

He is an Iranian citizen. Samadi has an excellent educational background in that he pursued Biochemistry at Stony Brook University. He also received a postgraduate Urology degree from Montefiore Medical Center. He is exceptional in dealing with robotic prostate cancer. He believes that through imparting knowledge on cancer and researching on methods to treat the disease will help in creating a world free of cancer. He worked at Mt Sinai Hospital in New York before resigning and moving with his team to work for Lenox Hill Hospital. The interview will help to inspire and educate the cancer patients in the world.


5 AM Ventures Partner Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage joined the California-based venturecapital firm 5AM Ventures in 2003, and by 2004, he became its Managing Partner. The company, which was started in 2002 by John Diekman and Andrew Scwab, offers early stage investment opportunities to its clients. Rocklage said that the company is called 5AM Ventures because of the fact that 5:00 am represents an early time of the day, and since his firm specializes in early stage investments, he felt that the two things were appropriately related.


Before he joined the 5AM Ventures team, he served as CEO and Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals from 1994 to 2003. He has spent more than 30 years in the healthcare management business, and has had a number of peer-reviewed research papers published. He has also been credited with being the inventor of over 30 patents in the U.S. And he is a board member at Whitehead Institute, which is a non-profit organization that’s involved with biomedical research.


Dr. Rocklage graduated from the University of California at Berkeley, receiving a BS degree in Chemistry. Then, he received his PhD in Chemistry from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT. Some of the studies in his chosen field were done under the Nobel Prize winner, Professor Richard R. Schrock.


Over the years, Rocklage has been employed with several healthcare companies, where he was either CEO, Chairman or President. This is what helped gain him the experience to be in a managing position at his current company. At 5AM Ventures, he works with entrepreneurs that include, physicians, scientists and business executives. He assists them with turning their ideas into medical treatments that can meet patients needs.


He credits his good organizational skills and his ability to manage time well as being what makes him successful and effective in his line of work. He says that he’s always pushed himself to keep learning and growing.


When the doctor is not hard at work attending meetings and managing 5AM Ventures, he spends his time with his wife, Patty, in their home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The couple has three adult children. Learn more:

Fabletics is changing the way we shop for workout apparel in stores and online

When you are in search of athletic apparel, you may get overwhelmed trying to figure out which brand is best to buy and which ones will last the longest. You may then experience sticker shock at what the name brand apparel companies charge for their goods. Many people feel like they need to spend that money to get the good quality apparel that those brands are known for. If they spend less on the cheaper brands, then it is like throwing their money away and the clothes will not last long because the quality is terrible. Fabletics has changed the way that most people shop for workout apparel. They offer the same quality of clothing that the expensive brands offer, but at a price that can fit into any budget. Plus, with the help of actress Kate Hudson, their clothing is always stylish and trendy, so you always look good when hitting the gym or the grocery store.


Fabletics business model is based on a monthly membership subscription service. This model has proven wildly successful and they have become a multimillion dollar company in just a few short years. Recently, Fabletics has decided to expand their company and open physical stores to implement a reverse showroom technique. To many people, this may seem like an unusual step for a successful online company to make. Most physical stores are losing business to online shopping when their customers find the items they are looking at for less online. Fabletics is simply using their physical stores as another layer of customer service for their members, so it doesn’t matter if they purchase online or in store. The stores allow their customers to see and try on their clothes before purchasing and the items even go in their online shopping cart for later purchase if they desire. The physical stores allow Fabletics to learn the styles and trends that are popular with those areas that they serve, allowing them to offer clothing that would most appeal to their customers in those areas. Their stores also increase their online membership numbers. Up to a quarter of those who come into their stores sign up as monthly subscription members. This creates more loyal customers that come back month after month.


The quality of Fabletics clothing is what keeps their members coming back month after month. Their clothes keep their compression and shape, giving you the support you need for many, many workouts. Plus, they hold their color and don’t fade after many washings, so you will always look fabulous in their clothing. When you sign up with Fabletics, you take their Lifestyle Quiz. This quiz helps determine your preferences and exercise habits. This helps to narrow down the clothing choices, making shopping for that perfect outfit on their site quick and easy. This saves you quite a bit of time shopping for that outfit you are looking for, giving you more time to live your life to the fullest. You then will receive hand picked outfits each month to choose from, based on your lifestyle quiz, making shopping each month for a new, stylish outfit, quick and easy.

Betsy DeVos: Her All Round Efforts to improve Education and her Political Contributions

Betsy DeVos is the current and 11th U.S.A Secretary of Education, a businesswoman, activist, and mother. She is married to Dick DeVos who is the former Chief Executive Officer of Amway Company and son of a billionaire and Amway co-founder Richard DeVos. Betsy and Dick DeVos have four children and five grandchildren. She was born into a family of conservative humanitarians and her father Edgar Prince is the founder of the Prince Corporation while her brother Erick Prince, a former United States Navy Seal, is the founder of Blackwater USA. Betsy attended Holland Christian High School and later on graduated from Calvin College where she received a BA in Business Economics. Betsy was brought up in a Christian home and was a member of the Christina Reformed Church in North America. She is currently a member and elder of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Betsy DeVos currently served as president of Windquest Group, which was founded in 1989. The group is a privately held and invests in technology, manufacturing, and clean energy. Besty has been on several boards for business, nonprofit and political administrations including a foundation that she set up with her husband. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation was set up in 1989 and is aimed at promoting change in areas such as education.


Betsy’s mother, Elsa Broekhuizen, who was a public school teacher, sparked Betsy’s attentiveness in education. As she grew older and eventually sent her own children to school, Betsy was met by the harsh reality that not all children have equal chances to learn. She became involved in efforts to increase educational opportunities for students and options for parents. She worked as a school mentor for unprotected children in Michigan Public Schools for 15 years. As the U.S Secretary of Education, Betsy is determined to ensure she puts in place policies that provide quality education for all students.


She has been a participant of the Michigan Republican party since 1982 and has held several positions in the party since then. Between the years of 1992 and 1997, she worked as the National Committeewoman for Michigan. Between 1996 and 2000 she worked as the Chair of the Michigan Republican Party. The DeVos family was very involved in the re-election campaign of former president George W. Bush in 2004. During his time in office, Betsy served as Finance Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee for two years.


Having being raised in a philanthropic home, Betsy has continued giving as she pursues reform. Apart from chairing The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, she is an active member of several national and local boards. Some of these boards include Mars Hill Bible School, Kids Hope USA, and The DeVos Institute for Arts at the Kennedy Centre and the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Betsy strives to ensure that all parents and children regardless of their zip code are presented with the best educational options. This will ensure that each and every child is able to reach their full potential.


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