Infinity Group Australia Recognized for Innovation in Business

Infinity Group Australia is a debt reduction firm that recently placed on the Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Most Innovative Businesses list. This placement is a prestigious accomplishment, as the top 100 are selected from over a thousand candidates from across Australia and New Zealand. The list bases its criteria on the mission and operation of a business, selecting from across all industries to find the best of the best.


Infinity Group Australia placed #58 because its mission and the way it fulfills it are unique. They bring the business model of the personal trainer and apply it to financial counselling: Their clients meet with an individual financial counselor who gets to know them and their goals first-hand, and uses this more personal relationship to be of better assistance to the client.


These financial counselors are not just there to give advice and collect their fee: They help the client with every aspect they can, from monthly budgeting to retirement planning. Co-founder Graeme Holm estimates that Infinity Group Australia reviews and assists with a 100% success rate, saving clients an average of $41,000. Each client ends up paying more off of their debts in the first three months of beginning Infinity Group Australia’s counselling services than they did in the 12 months prior.


More than simply debt counselors, Infinity Group Australia also helps their clients with wealth creation and retirement planning as well.


Infinity Group Australia was founded in 2013 by Holm and Rebecca Walker to meet a need Holm saw when he spent ten years working for one of Australia’s Big 4 banks: That most, perhaps all, Australian borrowers had bad deals that they weren’t stuck with. But the banks offered no advice or counselling to help their borrowers pay off their balances, leaving most borrowers at a disadvantage and paying more than they need to on their balance.


Holm and Walker did their research to see what method would be most effective to reach the most Australians, and settled on the one-on-one idea. They launched Infinity Group Australia in 2013 from their home office, growing in just five years to win the AFR Top 100 List spot. they now have a proper office and employ a large staff of counselors, office staff and other support positions.


Infinity Group Australia and Holm have won other awards, including Holm being named one of Australia’s Top 100 Brokers by the MPA. Learn more:

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