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During the 2010 court case between F.E.C and Citizens United, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United thus allowing corporate America to fund campaigns of their choice. Although the court’s decision does not allow politicians to receive funds directly, the companies can spend money in paying for advertisements and even spread malicious content against a candidate that they don’t like. Thus companies can control the United States election.

What’s devastating is that all these funds are sent unanimously, so the country has no idea who is sponsoring the Citizens United forums. A new group of change makers came together in early 2015 to form End Citizens United (ECU), a Political Action Committee (PAC). ECU headquarters is based in Washington DC.

ECU mission is to endorse candidates who want to introduce reforms in the political arenas in the United States. These reforms will bring transparency and accountability among politicians. It also seeks to raise awareness of the effects of lack of transparency in politics. ECU also collaborates with activists within the country who are on the same mission of ending corruption in the country. ECU shames Republican politicians who are benefiting through giving contracts to corporations by rigging the system. Their acts are posted under the thread “Big Money 20” and go into details how these politicians have benefited from rogue deals.

The Executive Director and President of ECU are Tiffany Muller, an ambitious leader who is as transparent as anyone can be. While working at Topeka City Council in Kansas, she was among the first public officers who were openly gay. She was among the team at Victory Fund that put the first LGBT senator in office. This was a groundbreaking record that set the foundation for acceptance of gays in the country. Muller is a degree graduate from the University of Topeka and Master’s graduate of the University of Maryland.

End Citizens United is supported by grassroots donors who are located in any part of the country. The donors consist mainly of individuals who are tired of wealthy corporations using their power and money to influence US elections. Through Muller’s leadership, ECU grassroots member grew to more than three million. She campaigned for funding during the company’s cycle and raised twenty-five million dollars. In December 2017 End Citizens United announced its plans to raise $35 million to increase its ability to endorse more candidates for the midterm elections scheduled towards the end of 2018.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Senator Cory Booker are among the latest senators endorsed by ECU. Gillibrand announced her position to stop receiving funds from corporations on January 2018. She posted a video on Twitter of the same. Gillibrand is a reformer from way back when she worked under the Lincoln administration. She is also among the leaders fighting for transparency in political campaign expenditures. Tiffany Muller welcomed the new candidates in ECU and hopes to work together to streamline the election system in the US and put the power back to the grassroots where it originally belongs.

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