Betsy DeVos Aims To Bring School Choice To Americans Everywhere

If you were to meet Betsy DeVos for lunch or run into her on the street, you would find her a compelling and kind person. DeVos is someone who is easy to talk to and easier to get along with. With those traits and descriptive characteristics, it is hard to imagine Betsy DeVos as the ironclad reformer that is being tasked with changing America’s problematic public school system for the better. Betsy DeVos was handpicked by the GOP to operate as the Secretary of Education for the United States of America. She is being brought in to do a job that is going to feel thankless in today’s political climate. Most of all, Betsy DeVos is being brought in to make her dreams a reality. What are her dreams? Well, she dreams of reformation that kids will benefit from for the rest of her lives.


Betsy DeVos is from Michigan and at home in her Midwestern state, her name and that of her husbands rings across cities everywhere. Betsy and Dick DeVos have been about as integral to the formation of a state as two private citizens possibly can be. Betsy DeVos and Dick DeVos are two prominent Republican donors to the GOP and they’ve spent their entire public career working to support conservative causes. While Dick DeVos ran for governor of the state, Betsy DeVos established foundations and chaired the Michigan Republican Party. Betsy DeVos has spent more than 30 years working to make educational reform a reality by following the guidelines laid out by prominent writer Milton Friedman. Educational choice, as it turns out, is something compelling and revolutionary enough to get conservatives everywhere on board. What is education reform from the perspective of Betsy DeVos? Great question.


The phrase ‘educational reform’ has a very specific meaning when we are talking about Betsy DeVos’s goals. She is not looking to attack the problems that public schools deal with from a traditional perspective. Instead, Betsy DeVos is looking at overhauling the entire system by shifting the goal of the system to school ‘choice’. The word ‘choice’ is essential here as it is the foundation of the conservative movement in relation to education reform. School choice is essentially a concept that puts power back into the hands of parents and financial benefits into the hands of private learning institutions who can offer students a path to success in a learning environment that suits them.


If we accept the idea that no two children are the same then we must also accept the idea that not all children are fit or set to flourish in the public school system. For that reason, Betsy DeVos has championed school choice as a viable alternative that gives students and parents everywhere the best chance to succeed. School choice would push federal funding into private institutions, such as charter schools and religious schools, thus allowing them to grow and prosper along with an influx of new students. This kind of change might be exactly what students all over the country actually need.


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Adam Milstein: Defending Israeliness through IAC

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American living in the United States. He was born in the 1960s in Haifa, Israel. In his young age, he grew up witnessing his nation try to retain its independence by all means possible. He saw the challenges his fellow Jews encountered and decided to do something about it later in life. He served under the Israeli Defense Forces before leaving to attend college. He later moved to the United States in 198os to pursue an MBA from the University of Southern Carolina. After his university education, he was quick to try his hand in the real estate business.

Today, Adam Milstein is the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. This real estate company has been instrumental in the initiatives that Milstein supports today. It is through the proceeds of the real estate business that he is now able to support non-profit initiatives. Every year, he gives out about $1 million to various pro-Israeli causes. He is one of the Jews who has introduced the culture of philanthropy in the community. Jews did not have philanthropic organization since almost all the basic needs are offered by the government almost for free.

Adam Milstein is the co-founder and chairman of the Israeli-American Council, a leading activist group that supports initiatives of the Jews. Adam Milstein identifies the biggest threat to Israel today as BDS Movement. This movement is pushing for boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions. This movement is gaining momentum in Europe and America, some of the places where anti-Semitism had been defeated many years ago.

Adam Milstein equates BDS to anti-Semitism. The hate against Jews has been used as a tool for oppression against the Jews. There are many instances where the community has suffered due to injustices committed based on this hate. No other community has been subjected to discrimination for a long time like the Jews, and that’s why Adam Milstein feels the community needs to come up with a plan that will protect the future of the Jews. Milstein has also pointed out that anti-Semitism is growing mainly among the radical groups in the United States. The radical left and radical right have joined the radical Muslims on this one.

Dick Devos–article recap

Dick Devos is currently head of the top civilian panel that oversees the Federal Aviation Administration as one of the newest members of the U.S. Department of Transportation but is best known as the husband of Secretary of Education Betsy Devos. He was the CEO of his family’s Amway Corp. from 1993-2001. Just prior to beginning that position, he began the process of building a multi-purpose sports arena and convention center in Grand Rapids, Mich. The planning began for an area north of downtown Grand Forks so as to avoid the financial difficulties to the downtown area that had resulted from the introduction of similar buildings in the downtown area in the past. His first plan of action, therefore, was to ensure that no such building would be proposed for the city’s primary business district. This is one of the most significant examples of the ways in which Devos has used his business expertise to expand his own business endeavors in a manner that he suggests is intended to help towards the prosperity of the entire community.


Both of the Devos’ have inherited family fortunes and have sought to use the money and influence related to those fortunes to create significant changes in politics, education, labor, and the economy. This has manifested itself particularly through their mutual devotion to the Republican Party and their sizable contributions to the GOP. Dick Devos is thought to be largely responsible for the state of Michigan’s drastic change from an organized labor structure to a right-to-work structure largely independent from labor unions. His work in this direction was culminated through a state law passed in 2012. At the same time, his wife was working to expand charter schools throughout the state, likewise attempting to change the face of the state’s entire education system.


Another of Devos’ most significant contributions to the state of Michigan is his role in the business reconstruction of Gerald R. Ford International Airport which is thought to have created exponential growth of the number of passengers and a drastic decrease in airline ticket prices. In addition to practical contributions of his business expertise like this, his financial contributions (as well as those of his wife) are reported to be widely diverse promoting leadership programs, churches, health and human services, education, and the arts. An especially large contribution helped pave the way for the children’s hospital that is now part of the Spectrum Health System.


While Betsy Devos is more known for her involvement with education, Dick Devos is also an important voice in this arena. He founded a school for aviation at the Grand Rapids International Airport. It is a charter school, such as his wife is known to promote. As such, he has combined many of his passions and even some more generally associated with his wife (business, aviation, finances, and education) in the formation of this school. His roles in education, though very distinct from what his wife does, fits well with her controversial plans for U.S. education.


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