George Soros’ Renewed Efforts for Liberal Causes

Hungarian born billionaire George Soros has a history of supporting progressive political ideas, candidates and non-profit groups. His efforts in the political arena waned a little between the 2004 election and the one that we just witnessed in 2016. Politico expounds on his strong re-entry to this “cause” in an article about Mr. Soros in 2016 called “George Soros Rises Again.”

He’s supported Hillary Clinton for many years and although he supported Obama in 2008 it wasn’t whole-hearted. He pulled back with his support of the Democrats during this time and, always admitting his mistakes, wishes he’d supported Clinton more in 2008. He continually donated to many liberal efforts during this time though.

George Soros, born in Budapest in 1930, managed to survive WWII. Soros eventually gained a master’s in philosophy as well. His interest in economics along with his background, knowledge and experience with humanitarian ideas and political intimidation set him on the path taken. He’s stayed firm in his beliefs about immigration, voters’ rights, health care and impeding climate change along with many more liberal causes that he feels need attention. He came to New York City in 1956 and began working at Wall Street firms as a young man, quickly learning enough, by networking with other financiers, to start his own hedge funds. George Soros’ ability to amass his fortune has enabled him to support these causes generously.

According to his political advisor, Michael Vachon, George Soros “has been a consistent donor to Democratic causes, but this year the political stakes are exceptionally high.” Soros’ felt that Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump, aggravates the political climate by encouraging fear among the citizens in the manner of Isis. But, even before the Trump nomination, he was giving generously to Clinton’s campaign because he felt all of the Republican candidates were espousing ideas against Soros’ strongly held philosophies and ideals. Know more on about George Soros.

Long ago George Soros placed himself in a perfect place to get his work done. He has the money and knows where he chooses to put it. At the age of 86 the Soros’ philanthropic interests take 500 pages to list. An ordinary citizen could never contribute this much of course, but George Soros has been at it for a long time. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

Both beloved and the object of much controversy by his adversaries, Soros has been married three times, has five children and has written at least twelve books on various subjects that interest him. Soros is a man who prefers to speak for himself in his writing and actions and even his son Johnathan Soros instead referred people who asked about his renewed commitment to an article his father wrote a while ago called “Soros: Trump and Cruz want you to be afraid.” Time will tell what’s next for George Soros.

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