Bruno Fagali

In profession, Bruno Fagali is a lawyer. He took his degree studies from Pontifical Catholic university in 2009. He studied administrative law from the university of Sao Paulo. Additionally, he earned his master’s degree from the same college. He is very fluent in both Spanish and English languages. In his career, he has always kept his head high. Bruno Fagali is known to present his clients efficiently.

Bruno’s field of specialization
Bruno Fagali resides in Brazil, from where he offers relevant advice to his clients on many legal issues and accepts cases from all places. He is a specialist in administrative law, public law, ethics, compliance, and regulatory law. In the public sector, he is involved in procurement procedures. He is a corporate manager in his office in Sao Paulo.

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Why is Bruno Fagali outstanding?
He is a self-driven lawyer with inner passion and motivation. He is known to be excellent when presenting cases in courtroom. He has knowledge of the law and experience in legal matters. In courtroom, he works together with his client to come up with a concrete solution to the situation and offer comprehensive consultations. Clients rely on him to represent them in disputed cases, negation, advising client, and statutory mandates. He plays the role of creating corporate integrity since he has a position at CIM advertising agency.

Bruno Fagali fights against corruption
His practice was formed to deal with anti-corruption, electoral and public. In 2013, advertising agencies practiced corruption which led to formation of regulatory reforms. Bruno Fagali came up with anticorruption movement, many organizations complied with it. Consequently, this made the government give the advertising agency contracts due to its excellent portfolio. He has a reputation for delivering reliable results.

Blogs on Bruno Fagali
Bloggers state that for the second year, Bruno Fagali is winning the pro ethics label.

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