Mike Baur Contribution to the Development of Startup Companies

A journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step. So does business. The World’s biggest corporations started as an idea, went through the inception stage, growth stage and became what they are today. The process is thorough and takes time but with the right people behind an idea, the time it takes to bloom is cut by a reasonable period. Mike Baur is an entrepreneur based in Switzerland and seeks to help startup businesses grow to revenue generating companies. To achieve this goal, he founded Swiss Startup Factory that takes ideas and turns them to an institution through mentoring, support, and tutoring.


Mike Baur has an experience of over 32 years in the banking industry. He has worked for UBS and Clariden Leu after which, he quit and pursued his business. Before the founding of Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur held the role of a Jury in START Summiteer, a contest that brought aspiring entrepreneurs together to showcase their startup ideas. The Summiteer took place at the University of St Gallen.

After the foundation of Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur went ahead and partnered with CTI. Consequently, this led to his naming as the deputy managing director of CTI Invest in January 2016. In the same year, he led the company through an accelerator program with Goldbach Group. Additionally, in February 2016, he formed a partnership with Fintech Fusion. Mike Baur has featured in the Wall Street Journal where his career from Swiss banking to startup investments got profiled.


The Development of Swiss Startup Factory sought to provide aspiring businesspeople in Switzerland with a top professional execution platform. The institution guides these individuals through a business creation process that sees them through to maturity. Through Swiss Startup Factory, Investors gets access to robust portfolio startups that are well vetted. They also get a platform to accelerate their ideas based on the type of the businesses. Beginners requiring the services of this organization gets access to finance, investors and mentorship network. They also get a three-month accelerator program and a customized service package. Individuals with just ideas get provided with a platform where they can accelerate them through talented people.


According to Mike Baur, Ideas are only as good as the people behind them. It is, therefore, important to have a team that dedicates itself to the development of the startup. Additionally, he says that persistent and hard work is paramount to the success of business. It takes a lot of energy and breaks to rebuild are as important.


The Many Advantages of Capital Anesthesiology Association

When it comes to providing top notch services in the field of anesthesiology, Capital Anesthesiology Association sits at the apex of the industry. This is by far one of the largest independent practices of nurses and doctors who specialize in this field. There are literally 80 physicians and up to 130 certified registered nurses here and they all are board certified or in the process of being board certified. This is clinical excellence at it’s finest and only CAA can deliver such extraordinary services.

The patients comfort is a main concern when dealing with injuries, illnesses, and accidents. Without anesthesiology services, medical procedures would be next to impossible to make it through. Capital Anesthesiology Association is an expert in the field, has well over 40 years of experience, posses’ the finest of medical personnel, and it has an extensive resume of success. Whether if it’s for pediatric, cardiothoracic, obstetric, general, or regional anesthesia care, CAA has any and all patients covered. The administrative staff matches the effort by the clinical staff in all aspects. This team of professionals will support and handle the frustrations of dealing with insurance carriers as well as the billing process.

Capital Anesthesiology Association takes it s step forward by educating aspiring paramedics, nurses, nurse anesthetists, medical residents as well as medical students. This is first tier training and education at it’s finest. All in all, when it comes to providing the most comfortable environment, CAA dominates the competition hands down.

Professional Network: Linkedin.com/company/capitol-anesthesiology

Meeting Market Demands: Taking a Lesson From Construcap’s Example

In the economy today, there are many industries that are struggling. Retail is probably the biggest and best example of this. Many customers today would rather spend money and buy online rather than go into a store according to construcap.com.br. However, there are also a lot of industries that are thriving and growing at a rapid rate. Real estate is a huge booming industry in nations like Brazil. Construction companies have a great opportunity to succeed at a high level in this area. Construcap is a company that is ready to start helping more people in their business. They have a strong commitment to customer service that a lot of people love to see. In addition, the company is looking to expand into various other areas of the country in the coming years.


When Construcap was started, a lot of people though that it would struggle to survive. There are so many construction companies that it can be difficult to understand how to gain market share. This is a company that focused on customer service from the very beginning. Not only that, but they are starting to make investments into their online format and profile as well. That is why so many people are thinking about working with this company on their next construction project at http://www.catho.com.br/vagas-emprego/construcap/125218/. Although it may not be easy to do, you need to work with a company that truly cares about you over the long term.

Final Thoughts

The real estate market is getting hot in a lot of areas. Some people are choosing to build a home rather than buy one due to the cost of used homes on the market. In addition, Construcap is ready to start investing for the future in a variety of ways. If you want to build wealth over time, real estate is a great way to do that. A lot of people have had success in their personal finances by concentrating on this area on jornalcruzeiro.com.br. If you are ready to start investing for the future, now is the time to figure out how to do that. Construcap is a company that can help you.

OSI Group Continues Its Global Expansion

The OSI Group is a meat processing and retailing company based in the Illinois city of Aurora. Since time immemorial, the company has managed to grow through the acquisition of other companies such as Baho Food based in Europe.

With Sheldon Lavin acting as the chief executive officer, OSI Group has managed to expand its operations worldwide. Currently, the Forbes estimates that the company has more than 65 operating plants that can be located in more than 15 nations. In the year 2016, the OSI Group recorded an annual growth revenue of $6.1 billion. It’s also estimated that the firm has an employee base of 20,000 people.

As a retailer, the OSI Group collaborates with western companies operating in other parts of the globe such as the Far East and China. Also, at one given time, the OSI Group acted as the sole supplier of meat products for retail giant McDonalds. Other retail companies that the OSI Group has done business with include Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks. Not only does the company focus on profit but the OSI Group is also committed to maintaining the environment against any form of pollution, and for this cause, the company has won several awards.

Apart from USA, China and Japan, the OSI Group has maintained its offices in Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain and United Kingdom. It’s most notable products include vegetable and dough products, fish, Pizza, and Poultry. Its plants in USA can be found in California, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Utah. The company was recently ranked as the 58th largest privately owned company in the world by the Forbes Magazine. The OSI Group has been in existence since its foundation in the year 1909 by a German immigrant. Over the years, the OSI Group has seen its name change of several occasions the latest being 1978.

Squaw Valley Found Contamination in the Upper Mountain Water Supply; No Other Areas Affected

Andy Wirth is an experienced and professional managing president of Squaw Valley Ski Resort and Holdings.  On November 8, 2016, a report was issued that they had detected E. coli and coliform bacteria in the upper mountain water system.


This report came from a routine report by the maintenance at Squaw Valley. The Placer County Department of Environmental Health was immediately called, and Wirth also called two experts in the water system field in order to receive the best and most accurate advice.


Mr. Wirth closed the restaurants on the upper mountain, and they remain closed today.  Top-to-bottom skiing is still open to ski safely and enjoy, and the management of Squaw Valley will reopen the restaurants when Placer County has found the water levels are normal.


On Wednesday, November 30th, the Squaw Valley public relations department released a report concerning this issue. Squaw Valley had recently installed an updated water system for the upper mountain water supply. After investigation by the Health Department, they found that the water had been contaminated from the heavy rains that occurred throughout the month of October. This contamination was only found in the upper mountain water supply, so the rest of resort’s water was unaffected.


With the help of the water experts who were called, Squaw Valley is taking all the steps to amend the issue. The resort will continue to do everything possible until the water has returned to normal levels. Regular water usage at High Camp or Gold Coast will not be resumed until the water is 100 percent safe.


Andy Wirth is an expert on environmental and conservation issues, and he will not permit any water usage that is not up to regulation. We are handling this issue with the utmost attention. The safety of our customers is our first priority, and Squaw Valley will do everything to protect our guests.


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