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Double twin triode regen, using 6SN7’s by Scot Armstrong. A 1948 era One Tube Regen, using a 6SN7 This site by Gary Johanson, WD4NKA, contains a number of interesting projects besides the regen, which is Project 1 on the page. The AA8V Twinplex Regenerative Receiver uses 6SN7s by Greg Latta, AA8V. Designs with good antenna isolation. 6SN7 Dual Triode Twinplex Receivers Built By Others. You can see why the regenerative receiver was eventually replaced by the superheterodyne receiver, which was essentially a "one handed" receiver. Superhets were more sensitive, easier to use, but much more expensive. They were also too complicated for the average person to build, unless. A one tube regenerative receiver: From 1950 ARRL Handbook: Regenerative: 17.0: 6SN7: 39: 40 Meter Regenerative Receiver [In Spanish]. Schematic only. For a photo, click the link at the bottom of the page and slect Foto for this project. Regenerative: 17.0: 30 2 40: battery powered regenerative receiver using three type 30 triodes: Coils for.

So this time, I've chosen the wildly popular 6SN7 regen as my "getting on the air" radio. It's a plug in coil design, for the AM BCB, 160M, 80M, and maybe 40M. As for parts, I have a decent junkbox at my disposal. So far: Three octal sockets 1 6SN7 1 12SN7 4 12L6 1. After identifying the chassis as a complete regenerative receiver, I decided to see what it was capable of doing. The tubes are a 6V6 used as the regenerative detector, and. Nov 08, 2017 · Back in 1958 I was building a regenerative receiver using a 6SN7 tube it was never finished Now all these years laterat age 75 I acquired the parts and built the AA8V Twin plex which may be the. Tunes in the AM band from 670 KHZ to 1.7 MHZ and the short wave bands from 6.7 MHZ to 17 MHZ. This is a two tube regen or regenerative receiver: one 1T4 detector and one 3V4 audio amplifier. All of this is accomplished with two plug in RF coils. That is inherent in a simple regenerative receiver circuit. If the POW camp had a shortwave communications receiver in their HQ they likely did, any Japanese radio operator also listening to any of these radio stations would have heard the signal from the canteen radio on the same frequency.

Some Regenerative Receivers. and a beautiful TRF Receiver. 1 The Jones "One-Tube" Regenerative Receiver. This particular schematic shows a 1G6 tube instead of the original 19 or 53 tube. I have not yet built this receiver, but intend to do so ASAP. I will post pictures and a better description when I. A good SSB-CW-AM regenerative receiver with a fine tuning by moving the wooden stick with a grounded piece of PCB towards the coil. A good regenerative receiver When you add an LF stage and a fine tuning to the simple receiver with only one fet, you will have a much better regenerative receiver. Armstrong regenerative detector cir- cuit. This receiver uses a 2N4416 JFET orJ31, which provides a more sensitive detector than an MPF102. Secondary winding 12 and capaci- tors C3 and C4 select the received sig- nal while tickler winding 1.3 provides regenerative feedback. R3/C5 are a "grid leak" arrangement that together.


Double Twin Triode Regeneration Radio. European ECC85 noval 9 pin miniature dual triode for the RF amplifier and regenerative detector stage instead of the 6SN7. and can send them to you, including the diagrams and photos of what I believe is the best ever regenerative receiver ever built ! ~73 and DX. Your friend in Havana. Arnie Coro. About A regenerative receiver with 6SN7GT The resource is currently listed inin a single category. The main category is Regenerative Receiver that is about Regenerative Receiver. This link is listed in our web site directory since Thursday Feb 18 2010, and till today "A regenerative receiver with 6SN7GT" has been followed for a total of 3582 times. The "First Receiver for the Novice" is a two tube regen. A 6SJ7 regenerative detector is followed by a 6SN7 dual triode providing two stages of audio amplification. It uses home wound coils to cover both 80 and 40 meters. Controls include bandset, electrical/mechanical bandspread, regeneration and volume.

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