Securus Technologies Makes Aggressive Business Move

Securus Technologies is a national leader in the field of criminal technology. The company provides a great deal of experience to its clients and is in support of services such as investigation, public safety and modern communications to corrections facilities. Securus is based in Dallas and is continuing to make moves to solidify its position as the number one service provider in criminal technology.


Securus Technologies has its foundation in prison technologies throughout the United States. It began operating in 1986 and has offices in Atlanta Georgia along with its Texas location. There are more than 2,600 contracts under the management of the Securus Technologies team. The organization has up to 1,000 employees working on services for a variety of clients. Securus is built to grow and adjust to the changes in the market. It is paving the way for other organizations in the field.


GovPayNet was acquired by Securus Technologies to broaden the company’s range within the criminal technology industry. GovPayNet is a well-established organization. It specializes in payment services to government agencies. GovPayNet provides the ability to pay fines issued by the court, speeding tickets, parking violations and real estate property tax. It is currently operating with 2,300 agencies in 35 States. GovPayNet has a broad operating base that covers 26% of all US counties.


JPay was acquired by Securus Technologies as the company continues to push forward. JPay increases the ability to provide clients with every necessary aspect of running their operations. It is a strong organization that offers electronic payments, emails and entertainment to correctional facilities. JPay is currently operating in 33 States throughout the country. The JPay business model will add to the bottom line services that Securus already provides to correctional facilities and law enforcement bureaus.


Securus Technologies is expecting the acquisitions of GovPayNet and JPay to open up its market share within criminal technology. Both of these companies will continue to operate as subsidiary brands. However, they will benefit greatly from the resources that come with being affiliated with a large company such as Securus Technologies.

Bruno Fagali

In profession, Bruno Fagali is a lawyer. He took his degree studies from Pontifical Catholic university in 2009. He studied administrative law from the university of Sao Paulo. Additionally, he earned his master’s degree from the same college. He is very fluent in both Spanish and English languages. In his career, he has always kept his head high. Bruno Fagali is known to present his clients efficiently.

Bruno’s field of specialization
Bruno Fagali resides in Brazil, from where he offers relevant advice to his clients on many legal issues and accepts cases from all places. He is a specialist in administrative law, public law, ethics, compliance, and regulatory law. In the public sector, he is involved in procurement procedures. He is a corporate manager in his office in Sao Paulo.

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Why is Bruno Fagali outstanding?
He is a self-driven lawyer with inner passion and motivation. He is known to be excellent when presenting cases in courtroom. He has knowledge of the law and experience in legal matters. In courtroom, he works together with his client to come up with a concrete solution to the situation and offer comprehensive consultations. Clients rely on him to represent them in disputed cases, negation, advising client, and statutory mandates. He plays the role of creating corporate integrity since he has a position at CIM advertising agency.

Bruno Fagali fights against corruption
His practice was formed to deal with anti-corruption, electoral and public. In 2013, advertising agencies practiced corruption which led to formation of regulatory reforms. Bruno Fagali came up with anticorruption movement, many organizations complied with it. Consequently, this made the government give the advertising agency contracts due to its excellent portfolio. He has a reputation for delivering reliable results.

Blogs on Bruno Fagali
Bloggers state that for the second year, Bruno Fagali is winning the pro ethics label.

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Jeunesse Global’s Instantly Ageless Review

Instantly Ageless is Jeunesse Global‘s answer for a skin-care cream product that can be applied to any part of the skin that seems to be sagging or otherwise showing any signs of aging at all. It is something that a lot of people tend to worry about from time to time. Thus, it is always nice to have some kind of answer to this problem when you most need it. For a lot of people, that answer comes in the form of Instantly Ageless.

This is a product of the wildly successful company called Jeunesse Global. They create, distribute, and market anti-aging products of all varieties. This is exactly the kind of product that you might expect this company to produce. It fits in perfectly with the rest of their offerings.

The quality that you get with Instantly Ageless is second to none. It works by essentially freezing up the muscles in the area that it is applied temporarily. While they hold that pose, the person who has used the product can get through whatever event it is that they need to. In other words, it can last for six to nine hours to help them get past whatever it is that they have to.

Quite often people use this to help themselves feel comfortable while they are out at things like weddings or important business meetings. No matter when it is that they need to look good, the importance of having the ability to do so in a hurry is a very big deal indeed.

Jeunesse Global distributes its products through a global distributor network. Although the company only got its start in 2009, it now operates on all six continents. This means that you probably know someone who distributes these products, you may just not realize that you know them. Start asking around and see who can help you get in your hands the Jeunesse Global products that you require to start looking and feeling your very best.

You have to try out something like this for yourself to really see the impact of it in person. As soon as you apply it, it starts to work. That is the beauty of something like this.

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