Dr. David Samadi Professionalism In Oncology Treatment

Dr. David Samadi is well known for his excellent medical work in dealing with Oncology. He has vast experience and knowledge in dealing with prostate cancer as well as other oncology diseases. Apart from being an Oncology Medic, he has taken media as a tool to Champion the deadly Cancer Disease.

Dr. David Samadi strategized in scrutinizing and diagnosing the early stages of the cancer disease before exposing the patient to therapies. However, in his line of duty, he has worked with other champions of cancer diseases. Samadi has worked with Dr. Cynara who is the guru in breast cancer.

Therefore, October being the Month of Cancer Awareness, Dr. David Samadi saw the need of interviewing Dr. Cynara on drsamaditv.com. The duo worked together at Lenox Hill Hospital. She was the pioneer of Comprehensive Breast Center in Staten Island. Additionally, Dr. Cynara record of work at Mt Sinai Medical Center has proven her credibility in her work. She has researched in advanced medical approaches as a breast surgeon that are in use worldwide. This makes Dr. Cynara fit for the show to provide all kind of insights and education based on cancer topics and emerging issues in health care.

They are in the race to ensure world receive information to better the health practices and ways to curb cancer diseases. Dr. David Samadi believes that proper education will help in early screening which yields faster treatments and cure after therapies being imposed to patients. The two cancer experts have an excellent reputation which makes them famous globally. Therefore, they will be largely followed as they create awareness on both breast and prostate cancer.

Dr. David Samadi currently serves as the Urology and Robotic Surgery head at Lenox Hill Hospital. He pursued Laparoscopic and surgery earning him certification in Urologic Oncologist. He dwells much in prostate cancer and creating awareness to the oncology disease.

He is an Iranian citizen. Samadi has an excellent educational background in that he pursued Biochemistry at Stony Brook University. He also received a postgraduate Urology degree from Montefiore Medical Center. He is exceptional in dealing with robotic prostate cancer. He believes that through imparting knowledge on cancer and researching on methods to treat the disease will help in creating a world free of cancer. He worked at Mt Sinai Hospital in New York before resigning and moving with his team to work for Lenox Hill Hospital. The interview will help to inspire and educate the cancer patients in the world.

See: http://releasefact.com/2017/10/join-the-medical-conversation-with-weekly-show-from-dr-david-samadi/

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